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Make Meaning

The Make Meaning Podcast invites us to live more boldly, on purpose. By finding meaning in the mundane, we can more easily, and with greater satisfaction, engage in creative problem-solving, share hard-won wisdom and inspire one another to greater heights of contribution, collaboration and personal connection.

You can find meaning in ordinary places, spaces & people.

You just have to look for it! This podcast invites listeners to open their eyes and look for beauty right in front of them. Where you live, work, and play. You are enough. 

Podcast host Lynne Golodner grew up scribbling in journals, writing stories and poems, and making sense of the world through words. Since 1998, she has worked for herself as a scrappy entrepreneur, freelance journalist writing for nationally-renowned magazines and newspapers, writing books and launching a marketing company that attracted long-lasting clients devoted to her unique blend of story, relationships, and higher purpose.

Do what you love. You have only one life. Tell the story. Tell the truth. You are not alone on the journey!