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The Make Meaning Movement

The Make Meaning movement invites us all to live more boldly, on purpose. We believe that by leading with meaning, we can more easily, and with greater satisfaction, engage in creative problem-solving, share hard-won wisdom and inspire one another to greater heights of contribution, collaboration and personal connection.

We believe in meaning first, marketing second.

Our work is perfect for educational leaders, entrepreneurs (would-be and actual!), and creatives seeking to make the leap from just getting by to doing work you love, with inspiring impact. Plus, gain expertise on strategic storytelling, mission-driven leadership, and practical steps on how to use meaning to build your audience, increase brand impact, and grow your bottom line.

For more than a decade, we’ve worked side-by-side with companies ranging from your neighborhood dance instructor to international universities, securing more than a million impressions across thousands of media titles and increasing engagement, enrollment, and inquiries by a collective 100%.

We can do the same for you. Want to learn how we do it?