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Episode 59 – Molly Worthen – Higher Learning

Do today’s students have the luxury to ask, debate, and study life’s meaning and purpose, or are we seeing a “vocationalization of mainstream universities,” more focused on professional skills and salary potential? Perhaps it’s the cost of higher learning that drives students today to be more pragmatic and practical in their pursuit of a career and not have the luxury of pondering life’s big questions. Molly Worthen, associate professor of history at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, has spent her career researching and writing about North American religious and intellectual history. This week, shejoins Lynne on the Make Meaning podcast, to discuss how humans find […]

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Episode 57 – Tista Ghosh – Positive Public Health

We’re thrilled to welcome Tista Ghosh, the first female Chief Medical Officer of Colorado, as our most recent guest on the Make Meaning podcast! Tista has found her purpose identifying root causes of disease and working to prevent it, whether chronic or infectious. As a doctor of internal medicine, she saw alarming patterns in patient health that could be prevented if addressed long before they became an actual risk.  Driven by a life-long desire to help others, Tista turned her focus to public health, leading her to become Colorado’s first female Chief Medical Officer, where she strives for positive health throughout the state through public education initiatives and prevention programs. She’s also introducing policies that effect change. Listen as Tista talks with Lynne about societal […]

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