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Episode 49 – Dennis van Englesdorp, Nicole Lindsey & DeAndra LeMelle – Saving The Bees

What do bees have to do with business? Strength in diversity. Efficiency and productivity from cooperation. Working together for the good of the whole. Concepts that we value in the business world are absolutely crucial to the survival of a honeybee colony. What’s more, honeybees are helping revitalize Detroit neighborhoods by “turning blight into gold.”  And if that isn’t compelling enough, the fate of honeybees directly relates to the fate of humans on this planet. That’s a pretty important reason to ensure their survival. On this double episode of the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne speaks with honeybee expert Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, President of Bee Informed Partnership and Associate Professor at University […]

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Episode 38 – Andrew Stein – Cities and Communities

What if every student aged 18-25 pursued a year of service? What might they learn about being a part of something bigger than themselves? For Andrew Stein, it was a transformational time that defined purpose and set the direction for his career as Executive Director of City Year Detroit. As a City Year corps member right out of college, Andrew learned about serving a community, which revealed a new definition of success: people building vibrant careers running nonprofits and serving in government, making a difference through the work they do. This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne talks with Andrew about City Year’s […]

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Episode 37 – Lynne Golodner – A True Education

Was there ever a time when you loved learning for learning’s sake? Has that stayed with you, inspiring you to specialize in your field, create, innovate, broaden your world view, or discover new connections and relationships? Learning doesn’t stop once school’s out. Our firm, Your People, LLC, specializes in working with schools and universities, promoting their efforts to prepare today’s youth to be successful in LIFE – to use their passions and talents to pursue their purpose and make a difference in the world. The Make Meaning podcast is all about sharing stories of people who are successfully doing just […]

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Make Meaning Podcast EPISODE 36 – Teens and Food with Jen Rusciano

Episode 36 – Jen Rusciano – Teens and Food

Breaking bread or preparing a meal together can remove barriers and build powerful connections. And when it’s Detroit teens embarking on a culinary adventure together in a safe space where they can question, explore, learn and engage with mentors, it could be the first step toward becoming future decision makers, thought leaders, changemakers. Tune in to this week’s episode of the Make Meaning podcast, where Lynne Golodner speaks with Jen Rusciano, co-founder and Executive Director of Detroit Food Academy, about how three pillars – food, business and education – make a difference in the lives of Detroit teens. For Jen […]

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Episode 29 – Cindy Eggleton – Brilliant Detroit

Cindy Eggleton is CEO of Brilliant Detroit, a program dedicated to building school readiness and success for families with young children. The organization started with one house and has expanded to seven houses, serving more than 800 families in the city of Detroit.  Cindy is an admirable leader, most recently recognized as a Crain’s Notable Woman in Nonprofits, one of Skillman’s 50 Detroiters Making a Difference, the Stevie’s Woman of the Year Nonprofit and also Authority Health’s Best of the Healthnet – all in 2018.

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Episode 24 – Stephen Payne – Inner Voice

Stephen Payne, also known as Farmer Steve, is the resident farmer and garden teacher at Sacramento Waldorf School in Sacramento, California. He has a degree in Business Marketing from Central Connecticut University and 10 years of experience in organic farming, and another five years of experience as a market garden business owner. Stephen came to SacWaldorf in 2001, where he lives on the property, manages the farm, and teaches children of all ages and grades in a hands-on curriculum on the three-and-a-half acre farm that is part of the campus. In an era where children are becoming less and less […]

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Episode 13 – One Earth Writing Ambassadors – Teen Voices

Brynnna Connolly, Rithik Hossali, Sabriya Imami, and Krisha Ramani found meaning writing within the One Earth Writing Ambassadors program. One Earth Writing’s empowerment programs bring together teens from different races, religions, and socioeconomic origins for writing workshops that build confidence, power and purpose. Students explore shared interests like family, friendship, sport, food, love and disappointment and find common ground on which to connect. All four of these teens met throughout the program. Lynne invites the Ambassadors to share how they made meaning throughout the program, who inspires them, and what advice would they give others on how to find purpose […]

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Episode 9 – Allen Einstein – Creating Effective Classrooms

In 1999, Allen Einstein developed Project 2000, an self-contained program for at-risk 8th grade boys. After he retired from teaching, he utilized his knowledge and experience in the field of educational consulting to launch The Einstein Educational Ecosystem (recently renamed and rebranded as The Einstein Method), a nonprofit focused on helping teachers succeed. Allen joins Lynne on the Make Meaning podcast to share how is passion is aimed to educating children to be creative, contributing, achievement-oriented adults who give back to society. Through The Einstein Method, Allen and his team bring no-cost training to teachers throughout southeast Michigan. His seminars […]

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Episode 8 – Alex Kimbrough – Deeply Detroit

Alex Kimbrough is an Emmy Award winning director and producer at WJBK FOX 2. He is a product of Detroit Public Schools and a graduate of Cass Technical High School. Alex attended Wayne State University, graduating with a bachelors degree in Mass Communications and Film Studies. After starting at WJBK in 1986,he has spent the bulk of his 30-plus years in broadcasting producing public affairs programs and directing most of the station’s newscasts, particularly Fox 2 News Morning. He recently won the Emmy for creating and producing the reality series, “The Hunt.” Alex joins Lynne on the Make Meaning […]

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