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Episode 116 – Jake Neher – Telling Stories and Planting Seeds

In a way, every person is a storyteller, according to Jake Neher, senior producer for Detroit Today on 101.9 FM WDET in Detroit. As co-host of the weekly series and podcast MichMash,  not only does Jake have storytelling gifts, but he brings a huge passion for gardening to guide his curiosity when choosing guests and asking questions. As his radio career took him to Barrow, Alaska, New York City and finally Detroit, Jake nurtured this interest in growing things, via a little hydroponic garden in the dark and cold of America’s northernmost reaches to a lone tomato plant on a […]

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Episode 106 – Nancy Marshall – How to Love PR

When Lynne Golodner pivoted from journalism to public relations and marketing, she had a love-hate relationship with the PR field; it felt like crossing over to the dark side, she recalls. But Nancy Marshall, founder and CEO of Marshall Communications in Maine, never had such misgivings about the field of public relations. She loved it from a young age and has been thrilled with her decades-rich career in the industry. In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Nancy speaks with host Lynne Golodner about understanding yourself and your passions enough to find meaningful work. Nancy helps companies to […]

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Episode 102 – Patrick Hicks – How to Write Historical Fiction

Learning how to write and channel your voice is an act of bravery, says Patrick Hicks, which may lead you to become more adventurous in other parts of your life. The author of more than 10 books, including The Collector of Names, Adoptable and This London, Patrick is the latest guest on the Make Meaning Podcast. In this episode, Patrick speaks with host Lynne Golodner about whose history is real history, how to pay homage to the possibilities, and why an American whose ancestors came from Northern Ireland writes about the Holocaust. A professor at Augustana University in South Dakota, […]

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Episode 54 – Sandy North – Quilting Advocacy

Have you thought much about your purpose and how it reveals itself in your life? Perhaps your purpose comes from a natural talent or a collection of experiences that build on each other over time.  Sandy North, this week’s Make Meaning guest, found purpose advocating for justice through quilts. Aiming to shed light on innocent victims of gun violence, Sandy co-founded the Remember Me Quilt Project of Michigan, which works with victims’ families to create quilts bearing victims’ faces, thus humanizing this tragic trend. The quilts are made by community groups and form a statewide traveling exhibit that educates and honors the memory of innocents […]

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Episode 51 – Lynne Golodner and Christina Weaver – Storytelling Marketing & Strategic Messaging

Nike. Gillette. Proctor and Gamble. Airbnb. What do they all have in common? Effective, compelling stories that inspire people to connect, commit, and forge deeper, longer-lasting relationships with the brand.  What is the basis of these stories? Strong, foundational messaging that conveys meaning and purpose behind brand identity. On this episode of the Make Meaning podcast, marketing entrepreneur and host Lynne Golodner, and fellow team member and content specialist, Christina Weaver, explore the role of storytelling in business and how important messaging can be. Learn how big brands are telling great stories, how you can, too, and why it is so important in a connection economy to have stories that pull […]

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Episode 44 – Kirstin Karoub, Lynne Golodner & Norman Cohn – Celebrating one year of the Make Meaning Podcast!

We’re thrilled to announce a special milestone for Your People, LLC – the first anniversary of the Make Meaning Podcast! In this anniversary episode, our own Lynne Golodner and Kirstin Karoub highlight standout episodes from the past year – guests who have inspired us all with stories of purpose, meaningful connections, and passion-led endeavors that make a positive impact.  But it doesn’t end there! The recording session coincides with a historically significant event – the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Lynne’s Best Business Advisor, father and very first Make Meaning guest, Norman Cohn shares insights on his childhood in war-time Detroit. Listen here: And what of the stories from that day on June 6, 1944? How do […]

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Episode 40 – Lynne Golodner – The Message Matters

What does your brand story say about your company? Does it communicate what you do AND why you do it? Does it engage the listener deeply or often enough? As a firm whose primary activity is message development, we know that a carefully crafted and delivered brand message can make all the difference between brands that succeed and those that don’t. This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne Golodner explores why The Message Matters, and how to know if you’re getting it right. After 15 years as a journalist, Lynne created Your People LLC in 2007 to guide organizations & entrepreneurs in building the bottom line through strategic storytelling, relationships & higher purpose. […]

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The God Squad - Make Meaning Podcast

Episode 39 – Jen Lader, Yoni Dahlen and Nate DeGroot – Rabbis Who Rock

Many religions report waning interest among young adults, and leaders ponder what it will take to engage young people in spiritual life. The God Squad – truly, rabbis who rock – is an effort by some pretty cool young rabbis to create musical, community-gathering opportunities to bring young Jews together in spiritual ways.  This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne talks with rabbis Jen Lader, Yoni Dahlen and Nate DeGroot about how the God Squad makes Judaism accessible, relatable, and, well, rockin’ to a new generation in this “post-affiliation” age.  At Your People, we believe story, meaningful relationships and higher purpose are the keys to success. This episode has them all – along […]

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Episode 32 – Lynne Golodner – A Poet’s Legacy: Lynne Golodner remembers Mary Oliver

This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne pays homage to Mary Oliver, an American poet who has had a significant impact on her life. Oliver does a beautiful job capturing the profound in the quiet occurrences of nature and finding meaning with her observations of the natural world. As a visionary, she received the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award and Lannan Literary Award for lifetime achievement. Mary Oliver found her escape in two places: writing and nature. She found beauty in the simple, everyday life around her. She could take the smallest moment – first snow – and not […]

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