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I just need someone to I know how to market (I think), and I need a little coaching...

Does this sound familiar? You kinda sorta maybe definitely know tricks and tips for marketing and public relations, but it would be nice to have an industry expert in your back pocket to guide the process and confirm that you’re on the right path?

We can help!

In a 75-minute strategy session with Meaningful Marketing Guru Lynne Golodner, we’ll start from a quest for meaning to break through to the real obstacles holding back your big success and ultimate happiness. We can get into the weeds and review existing messaging or copy documents, discuss issues requiring immediate response, or explore how to best leverage PR and marketing for ideal outcomes.

Or, we can think big-picture and identify immediate conversations, campaign opportunities and organizational needs from a communication perspective.

You’ll receive a recording of the session plus a week of email follow up for any additional questions.

"Lynne understands how to empower a creative mind to deliver their best work. Her capacity for empathy makes her more than just a coach or a director. She finds a way to allow you to tap your potential and to rely upon your best instincts as a PR professional and a writer. I feel much more confident in my abilities, and I feel like a better writer, after working with Lynne."
Mike DiGirolamo
PR Associate
"Lynne is truly masterful in creating thoughtful, responsive marketing and PR strategies that build relationships and powerfully connect people to the mission and inspiring stories of her client. She makes the whole process a joyful and empowering collaboration, crafting and implementing a beautiful, comprehensive plan that brings results."
Helena Mitchell
Pedagogical Chair, Detroit Waldorf School
"Lynne Golodner has a creative eye that most do not. She has a brilliant way of bringing thoughts and philosophies out in interviews. You may just learn something about yourself if given the opportunity to let her work."
Ed Brabandt
President, Systematic Manufacturing, Inc.
"Before we worked with Lynne, we were trapped in the every day and couldn’t look over the horizon. Our project allowed us to stop, take a breath, and identify our purpose. By the end of our time together we were armed with a new understanding of our brand positioning and strategy, and we knew the direction we needed to go in. Our work together was so valuable, I would go back and spend four times what we spent then."
Kieron Hales
Co-Managing Partner of Zingerman's Cornman Farms
“Lynne is changing my life.  She knew I was hesitating about moving forward on my dream path of full-time writing, blogging, speaking and coaching.  I’d start, lose focus, then stop again.  Lynne is keeping me accountable to the vision she sees for me and her confidence in me is making a huge difference.
With her coaching, I got recognition in just weeks!  She keeps pushing me to apply my talents, live loudly, and be a beacon for others.   Her interpersonal skills and business success inspire me. She shares her secrets.
There are many courses that claim to make a difference but fall short.  Skip that.  Work with Lynne and you will get top-notch results quickly.”
Noreen Ehrlich
Writer, Speaker and Coach

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