Marketing With Meaning

Why should your marketing be filled with meaning?

We live in a connection economy where stories are the currency; and no one really needs anything. Instead, we crave connection. 

Meaningful messages can’t be a sales tactic. Meaning must be real, deeply held and shared throughout an organization – not just for the people who represent that brand, but for anyone who engages with it.

Organizations with mission-driven cultures can readily translate those values to connect emotionally with internal and external audiences. 

American Psychological Association research reveals that when work is meaningful, workers are motivated, engaged, and happy with their jobs. When we have personal meaning driving our decisions, work is enjoyable and has greater impact. Meaning and purpose elevate our days and make mundane tasks special. When we have a “why” behind what we do, the work is easier – and more successful.

Companies can invite consumers into this “why” by creating emotion-fueled connection opportunities through PR and marketing efforts. Because we have such a crowded marketplace, people want transactions that transcend mere purchasing. We are willing to buy meaning, and seek out brands that focus on storytelling with meaning at heart.

With meaning as its north star, the marketing message conveys that by engaging with a particular brand, personal meaning, purpose, and life satisfaction will improve.

Read Lynne Golodner’s Forbes article on marketing with meaning.

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