Episode 146 – Barbara Stark-Nemon – Tracing the Path of Historical Fiction

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Barbara Stark-Nemon takes her time writing historical fiction, tracing the paths her characters walked and lived. The author of award-winning novels, Barbara turned to writing after retiring from a successful career.

In this episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, host Lynne Golodner chats with Barbara about her passion for writing and her experiences speaking at conferences, literary events, libraries and book clubs. A University of Michigan alumnus, Barbara has two published novels – Even in Darkness and Hard Cider – and is at work on a coming-of-age refugee story set in the aftermath of the Inquisition. 

In this episode, Lynne and Barbara discuss: 

  • How to build ideas into books
  • Hybrid publishing 
  • How many books you need to sell to be “successful”
  • Whether to invest in publicity
  • Finding writer friends and critique groups

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