Becky Robinson

Episode 128 – Becky Robinson – Building Reach for Books

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Imagine starting a company to give yourself an income source that is compatible with your role as a mom of small children. And then, as that company grows, realizing your role is really about creating opportunities for others – providing meaningful, flexible work, access to great content and guidance to reach goals and grow influence. 

And then, 10 years in, you write a book about everything you learned and have an early reader community of more than 400 people who are chomping at the bit to read your book. That’s Becky Robinson’s story.

In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, host Lynne Golodner interviews Becky Robinson about her first book, Reach: Create the biggest possible audience for your message, book, or cause. They discuss the successful book marketing business that inspired the tome, Becky’s writing and publishing process, and the 4-step formula for growing your reach.

In this episode, Lynne and Becky discuss: 

  • Building a book launch team
  • Becky’s approach to book marketing
  • Social media, email marketing & websites
  • Creating value
  • Content marketing
  • Meaning, purpose and making a difference
  • How to help marginalized individuals face challenges growing their reach 
  • The 4 Commitments
  • Growing an online audience in a noisy marketplace
  • How to be memorable & meaningful

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The Make Meaning Podcast will be on hiatus until October 2022, at which point we will kick off with interviews featuring Rosina Lippi (a.k.a. Sara Donati), Merle Saferstein, Sara Henning, Andrew McDiarmid, Christopher P. Locke, and more authors and writers!

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