Episode 10 – Anni Keane-Riley – Believing In Youth

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Anni Keane-Riley has over 10 years of experience working with professionals and families throughout the United States. She has worked primarily in training, social service support and advocacy roles, engaging people who work in and around the Child Welfare Industry: youth, prospective adoptive parents, social workers, and policymakers.

Anni joins Lynne on the Make Meaning podcast to discuss what it means to be the director of the Nobody Ages Out Youth Movement at You Gotta Believe! in New York. She shares how she came into this position, how she was in foster care herself, and her experiences that shaped her life.

Anni supervises the case managers of ‘You Gotta Believe!’ Older teen adoption agency, in New York City and is the Director of the Nobody Ages Out Youth Movement. Anni loves to learn new things and looks forward to expanding her knowledge and extending her attention and gifts beyond the field of child welfare.

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