Episode 17 – Karen Dybis – Telling Stories that Matter

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Karen Dybis is everywhere, writing about the pulse of Michigan and Detroit. With 20+ years of writing and publishing, Karen specializes in writing about little-known local gems, stories, innovations and inspirations. This week, on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne Golodner chats with Karen about why storytelling is so important in business today.

About Karen Dybis

Karen Dybis, who graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English and in Communication in 1995, is a Metro Detroit writer who has blogged for Time magazine, worked the business desk at The Detroit News and many other publications.  

She is the author of four books: “The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In: Cars, Candy and Canoodling in the Motor City,” “Better Made in Michigan: The Salty Story of Detroit’s Best Chip” about Detroit’s tasty potato-chip manufacturing history and “The Witch of Delray,” a look at a 1931 murder mystery set in Detroit’s Great Depression. Her latest book, “Secret Detroit,” is a travel guide to Detroit’s awesome and intriguing landmarks, architectural achievements and historical highlights. It was published in April 2018.