Episode 31 – Jacqueline Drake – Art from the Heart

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In this episode of Make Meaning, Lynne Golodner interviews Jacqueline Drake, a former healthcare worker who combined her passion for fine arts with her knowledge of intuitive and meditative healing to open a healing art gallery in Franklin, Michigan. Serendipity brought her to the perfect location for her gallery, but her pursuit for higher purpose turned it into the “safe, sacred place” where “art heals, inspires, and feeds the soul.” To Jacqueline’s surprise, it has evolved into something she never imagined. Check out Jacqueline’s episode to hear more about the spiritual and healing experience her art offers.

A traumatic life event, grief, depression, or even the stress and worries of everyday life can plague us all at some time in our lives. Through a mindfulness technique she has developed, Jacqueline takes her clients on a journey within the art, bringing them to a place where they can find clarity and express themselves in their paintings. “It’s surprising to them that it’s even in there,” says Jacqueline, who has recently provided this same service for companies to explore creative processes, as a team building exercise, or to provide healing and support for clients. 

Might this process be beneficial to you or your work team? Tune in as Lynne and Jacqueline explore these topics:

  • How penning a Life Story became a roadmap for a new venture
  • Discovering a passion and making it a purpose
  • Serendipity, magic, and the role of the universe in a business plan
  • Mindfulness process
  • The healing power of art
  • Why companies and organizations are hiring Jacqueline Drake 
  • How an initial business plan has evolved into something more

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