Episode 33 – Rachel Lutz – Transcending Transactions

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What do public radio, the Clinton Administration, and clothing stores have in common? How does a person who hates shopping and dislikes the fashion industry become the owner of four successful retail clothing and accessory shops? Most of all, what is the key to pursuing purpose and making a difference through connections and relationships?

Find out on this episode of Make Meaning when Lynne Golodner interviews Rachel Lutz, a Detroit entrepreneur, business owner and community ambassador whose “secret sauce” transcends transaction by creating an experience for, and by building relationships with, every person who enters her stores.

What’s the secret to customer retention and long-lasting loyalty? What keeps them coming back again and again? How does a successful business owner dial in to the needs, wants, and motivations of a customer? “Every store and the things in the store are vehicles of connection. We really engage with people – we don’t just sell stuff on a rack…I want a place that’s welcoming to everybody. I want any woman to find something that makes her feel good.” Rachel’s stores strive to transform the shopping experience into arelational one that keeps clients coming back. Find out how she does it in this episode of Make Meaning.

Learn more about how connections, experiences, relationships and purpose can drive a business as Lynne and Rachel explore these topics:

  • Finding a path to purpose• Consumerism vs Connection
  • Creating a business culture that transcends transaction
  • Counteracting negative stereotypes and message bombardment
  • Your brand’s sense of place – Being an ambassador for your city

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