Episode 35 – Lyndsay Edmonds – Purposeful Third Spaces

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This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lyndsay Edmonds, founder and owner of Harless and Hugh Coffee and the Public House, both in Bay City Michigan, talks about what it means to create “third spaces” for people to gather. Inspired by time spent in Southeast Asia, Lyndsay has developed an appreciation for people, their differences and similarities, and the community spots that cultivate connections through conversations. “I specialize in giving people spaces to be themselves,” says Lyndsay. “It’s mainly done through conversation – just being really open and listening to the community and what they think and need.” Learn more about how Lyndsay makes meaning through these purposeful third spaces on this week’s episode.

When was the last time you were present in the moment? When was your last really meaningful conversation when you made a true connection with somebody? When did you feel you could really be yourself? Who was the last person to make you feel noticed? Special? That you mattered? Providing these moments for all who enter her coffee house and cocktail bar are paramount for Lyndsay, and she is confident this is what keeps customers coming back. Listen now to find out how she creates her own style of welcoming.

In this episode of Make Meaning, Lynne and Lyndsay discuss:

  • Cultural immersion: its impact on perspective and how it can inspire a career choice
  • Creating meaningful “third spaces” and what that means• Welcoming as a business strategy
  • The power of active listening
  • The importance of being in the moment
  • The art of finding purpose by looking within

Resources and Links:

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