Episode 37 – Lynne Golodner – A True Education

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Was there ever a time when you loved learning for learning’s sake? Has that stayed with you, inspiring you to specialize in your field, create, innovate, broaden your world view, or discover new connections and relationships? Learning doesn’t stop once school’s out. Our firm, Your People, LLC, specializes in working with schools and universities, promoting their efforts to prepare today’s youth to be successful in LIFE – to use their passions and talents to pursue their purpose and make a difference in the world. The Make Meaning podcast is all about sharing stories of people who are successfully doing just that. This week on Make Meaning, Lynne shares her perspective on what education truly means as a lifelong pursuit and its role in making a difference. Check it out here:

As a journalist, author, teacher, entrepreneur and mother of 4 kids in 3 different schools, Lynne speaks confidently about what her definition of a true education should be. As the owner of a boutique business messagingmarketing, and media relations firm, she helps several private schools articulate and share their purpose with an audience seeking alternative options for educating their children.

Tune in as Lynne discusses her thoughts on:

  • The importance of a lifelong love of learning
  • Learning for a test vs. Learning for learning’s sake
  • A historical perspective: how today’s education system came to be
  • The importance of nurturing thinkers rather than conformers
  • Why college isn’t for everyone – and why it’s OK
  • Helping children explore their unique purpose through their passions and talents

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