The God Squad - Make Meaning Podcast

Episode 39 – Jen Lader, Yoni Dahlen and Nate DeGroot – Rabbis Who Rock

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Many religions report waning interest among young adults, and leaders ponder what it will take to engage young people in spiritual life. The God Squad – truly, rabbis who rock – is an effort by some pretty cool young rabbis to create musical, community-gathering opportunities to bring young Jews together in spiritual ways. 

This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne talks with rabbis Jen LaderYoni Dahlen and Nate DeGroot about how the God Squad makes Judaism accessible, relatable, and, well, rockin’ to a new generation in this “post-affiliation” age. 

At Your People, we believe story, meaningful relationships and higher purpose are the keys to success. This episode has them all – along with some pretty inspiring music. Listen here:

Do you follow a particular religion or tap into your spiritual side? Do you relate best in a well-defined faith practice or do you like to pick aspects from different religions that appeal to you and help you find deeper meaning? Members of the God Squad will tell you that reaching today’s young people in a “post-affiliation” era can be a challenge requiring innovation and creativity. Find out how they use the connecting power of music to create transformational worship experiences for a new generation.

In this episode:

  • The God Squad
  • Engaging young adults in Post-affiliation Judaism
  • Creating transformational worship experiences
  • Using music to build community through inclusion and connection
  • Reimagining while at the same time reclaiming Judaism
  • Finding purpose through meditation and discernment, community, and constant questioning

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