Episode 41 – Marianne Simon – Making Meaning from Loss

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What happens when you suffer incomparable loss? The sudden death of a loved one, when life changes instantaneously and you never saw it coming? 

Such a life-changing situation happened to Marianne Simon when she lost her husband of 26 years – and through the grieving, she evolved into a one-woman show called “Widows Anonymous,” which launches in June live in Los Angeles. On this week’s Make Meaning podcast episode, Lynne speaks with Marianne, an actress, writer, artist, and sustainable landscape architect who has spent two years redefining herself and her purpose. 

Journaling, reflecting and spending time in stillness led to creativity and connection. Now, a new Marianne emerges in this brave stage production launching at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. To Marianne, the journey led to the destination – and the journey keeps going. Listen here:

How do you see yourself? How have you defined who you are – by your career? Your relationships? Do you really understand what drives you, and have you made the move to pursue it? Marianne Simon describes her own journey that led to producing a one-woman show that derives meaning from loss.

In this episode, Lynne and Marianne discuss:

  • The healing and revelatory practice of journaling
  • Creating a true definition of self and discovering what’s important
  • The creative process leading to a one-woman show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival
  • Sustainable landscape design
  • Meaning behind the journey, and purpose in the destination

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