Episode 42 – April Jones Boyle – Building Detroit

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April Jones Boyle of Build Institute has had a vision for our beloved city of Detroit for a long time. A vision of what it could be and what it can be, and she won’t just sit on the sidelines and hope someone will make it happen. She’s taking action, empowering entrepreneurs, and building Detroit from within.

Her conversation with Lynne, who is a celebrated entrepreneur in her own right, on this episode of theMake Meaning podcast looks at how to empower entrepreneurs so they empower Detroit – building neighborhoods, creating jobs. Check it out:

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Do you have a kernel of an idea, but no clue how to make it a reality? That’s where the Build Institute comes in with training, launch testing, and equal access to opportunity for all.

In this episode Lynne and April discuss:

  • The future of Detroit
  • Empowering “entrepreneurs of color, women, and those of low-to-moderate income
  • The mission and impact of Build Institute
  • The power of entrepreneurial spirit and importance of safety nets
  • Commercial corridors that create a sense of place
  • The Motor City vs. The Mobility City
  • How to make your entrepreneurial dream come true

Helpful links and resources:

Tune in next week when Lynne talks with Natasha Guynes, founder and President of Her Resiliency Center, who is helping vulnerable young women find a path to hope, independence, and a different life.