Episode 46 – Amy Haimerl and David Dwaihy – Creating Communities

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When was the last time you felt welcome – like an “us”, not a “them” – among strangers? Have you experienced people of different walks of life coming together from different origins, united by a common purpose? These are the kinds of experiences and spaces that Amy Haimerl, founder of Shady Ladies Literary Society, and David Dwaihy, co-owner of Detroit City Football Club, are creating. They joinedLynne recently for a special episode of the Make Meaning podcast, recorded live at the Motor City Woman’s Podcast Brunch as part of the Detroit Podcast Festival. Amy and David share a purpose: creating common ground for people from diverse backgrounds to connect over shared interests. Hear how grassroots efforts grow by promoting shared purpose and values:

Guest Amy Haimerl is an award-winning authorjournalist, and adjunct professor at Michigan State University. Through Shady Ladies Literary Society, she hosts incredible events, matching upcoming female authors and chefs in unique venues to create a space of welcoming grace and graciousness for all who attend. 

David Dwaihy is a math teacher at University Liggett School and a founding co-owner of Detroit City Football Club, a semi-professional soccer club whose supporters and fans provide an atmosphere that transcends the game itself.

In this episode, Lynne, Amy and David discuss:

  • The power of community organizations and grass roots movements
  • Cultivating community through common purpose 
  • Creating an atmosphere of “us” not “them”
  • Keys to Entrepreneurship: Creativity, retaining authenticity while scaling up, and recognizing a good opportunity when you see one

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Coming up next week: What do championship women’s college basketball and Yoga have in common, and how do they lead to a life of purpose? Find out when Lynne interviews Linda Makowski, owner of Namaste Yoga Studio on next week’s episode of the Make Meaning Podcast!