Episode 48 – Arthur, Ross, Jason, Steve, Shelli & Jeffrey – The NFHS Reunion Episode: Reflecting on 30 Years Since Graduation

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When you were an aspiring high school graduate, where did you think you would end up? Did you get there? Or did the path twist and turn over the years? And, do you check in at high school reunions to see where your classmates are today – or do you blow it off, leaving the past behind you? 

On this episode of the Make Meaning podcastLynne Golodner talks with six of her classmates from the North Farmington High School class of 1989 about where they wanted to go, and where they ended up 30 years later. 

Are there experiences and insights that might resonate with you? Listen here as Lynne speaks with Shelli Sharpe, Steve Rudin, Jason Monczka, Arthur Gluzman, Jeffrey Simpson and Ross Green on making meaning and finding purpose:

On this episode of Make Meaning, Lynne and her classmates discuss:

  • Where high school grads think they’ll end up
  • When life plans become realized – or not
  • What we think we should do vs. what we want to do
  • Seeing ourselves in our kids as they embark on their journey
  • Bumps, twists, turns and surprises
  • Living in the present and without regret
  • Living for something more important than yourself
  • The next generation: expectations, work ethic, building relationships, and the role of social media
  • How dreams evolve from one generation to the next
  • Advice to our younger selves

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