Episode 49 – Dennis van Englesdorp, Nicole Lindsey & DeAndra LeMelle – Saving The Bees

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What do bees have to do with business? Strength in diversity. Efficiency and productivity from cooperation. Working together for the good of the whole. Concepts that we value in the business world are absolutely crucial to the survival of a honeybee colony. What’s more, honeybees are helping revitalize Detroit neighborhoods by “turning blight into gold.” 

And if that isn’t compelling enough, the fate of honeybees directly relates to the fate of humans on this planet. That’s a pretty important reason to ensure their survival.

On this double episode of the Make Meaning podcastLynne speaks with honeybee expert Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, President of Bee Informed Partnership and Associate Professor at University of Maryland, about the plight of honeybees and what we can do to help them.  She then turns to Detroit Hives beekeepers Nicole Lindsey and DeAndra LeMelle to talk about how honeybees are transforming Detroit neighborhoods and the lives of those around them. Listen here:

On this episode of the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne, Dennis, Nicole and DeAndra discuss:

  • The rapid decline of the honeybee population
  • 3 factors threatening the survival of honeybees
  • The significant contribution of the honeybee
  • Important values gleaned from honeybee society
  • How honeybees are revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods
  • The domino effect of positivity
  • Seeing possibilities for purpose and meaning in beekeeping

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