Episode 50 – Gautam Jain – Strengthening Intellect

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Are you stressed? Worried? Yearning for something different? Happiness, success, and contentment all start and end within, and this week’s Make Meaning podcast guest, Gautam Jain, shares insights from the ancient philosophy of Vedanta – in advance of an upcoming landmark event featuring his guru, Swami A. Parthasarathy, a world-renowned philosopher who will be speaking in New York in a few weeks. 

Lynne speaks with Gautam, Dean of Vedanta Cultural Foundation, USA, about what he describes as “an operator’s manual to life.” Learn how to take control of your life and live on your own terms by strengthening your intellect and achieving clarity of thinking, which inevitably leads to fulfillment of purpose. Find the episode here:

What if you could find a way to be dynamic and productive on the outside, while still having peace on the inside? In this episode, Lynne and Gautam discuss:

  • Vedanta: Ancient wisdom, practical philosophy
  • How to achieve peace of mind, success in work, and fulfillment of purpose in life – simultaneously
  • Why we need an operator’s manual for life
  • Focusing inward rather than outward to relate to the world
  • How to strengthen intellect, control emotions, control your mind, and control your life
  • The key to finding meaning in work and purpose in your life 
  • Swami A. Parthasarathy and “The Law of Karma” event September 26 in NYC
  • Where to find out more about Vedanta and how to live it

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