Episode 51 – Lynne Golodner and Christina Weaver – Storytelling Marketing & Strategic Messaging

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Nike. Gillette. Proctor and Gamble. Airbnb. What do they all have in common? Effective, compelling stories that inspire people to connect, commit, and forge deeper, longer-lasting relationships with the brand. 

What is the basis of these stories? Strong, foundational messaging that conveys meaning and purpose behind brand identity. On this episode of the Make Meaning podcast, marketing entrepreneur and host Lynne Golodner, and fellow team member and content specialist, Christina Weaver, explore the role of storytelling in business and how important messaging can be. Learn how big brands are telling great stories, how you can, too, and why it is so important in a connection economy to have stories that pull at the heartstrings. Listen here:

In her professional life, Lynne is the founder and CEO of business storytelling consulting firm, Your People, LLC, serving clients driven by mission and higher purpose. Christina Weaver works in Lynne’s firm as content specialist and is also a professor of communication at Eastern Michigan University. 

In this episode of the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne and Christina discuss:

  • Foundational Messaging: What it is and why it’s important
  • How to control your story and who tells it
  • Storytelling: creating the tug beyond a tagline
  • The driving force of mission and purpose 
  • Corporate social responsibility – meeting consumer and employee expectations
  • Big brands that are getting it right
  • The importance of diversity in voice and perspective

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