Episode 52 – Stacy Dockins – Journey to the Self

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The road to finding one’s purpose can take many turns, often with a destination not yet determined. Knowing when to pause, breathe, and listen to the “heart tugs” is how Stacy Dockins, yoga trainer/instructor, author and co-founder of the Yoga Project, has found meaning and fulfillment.

Stacy is this week’s guest on the Make Meaning podcast, and she talks with Lynne about the power of mindfulness, running a successful business with a spouse, meeting the evolving needs of the yoga industry, and sharing her expertise in her new book. Listen here:

What excites you, lights a spark, tugs at your heart? How have you responded to it? What has your path to finding meaning and purpose been like? In this episode, Lynne and Stacy discuss:

  • Turning an interest into a livelihood
  • Yoga’s evolution from a physical practice to a mindful practice
  • How to be strong in breath and body
  • Insights on successfully running a business with your spouse
  • Remaining relevant and competitive in an evolving industry
  • Room for all – a philosophy for customers and competitors
  • What it means to listen to the “heart tugs”
  • The crooked path of purpose

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