Episode 53 – RERUN: Paul Saginaw – Just Be Nice

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Today is International Podcast Day (IPD), the day to celebrate the power of podcasting! On July 9, 2018, Lynne Golodner launched the Make Meaning podcast, jumping onto a growing platform as a way to share stories of inspiring people finding meaning and purpose, and making a difference in the world.

In honor of International Podcast Day, we are highlighting one of our first episodes of the MakeMeaning podcast, featuring Zingerman’s co-founder, Paul Saginaw. In this conversation, Lynne and Paul talk about his journey of building and running a successful business, from a just-hatched idea to a world-renowned phenomenon and trendsetter in the way to do business. Today, Zingerman’s boasts 17 managing partners and more than 750 employees.

Paul has been a mentor to Lynne since before she created Your People LLC, and every day since. He generously offers his insights and advice on all things entrepreneurship, as well as parenting, relationships, and the pursuit of a great life, and in turn Lynne has helped some of his startups with their marketing, public relations, and messaging.

Lynne summarizes Paul’s philosophy as just be nice. It’s how he approaches everyone he meets, and it’s a great approach to business, too.

Learn Paul’s tips for building an original and meaningful business, why it’s important to do good as you do well, and how limitless vision more than makes up for limited ability here:

In this episode, Lynne and Paul discuss:

  • The evolution of Zingerman’s: From community business to community of businesses
  • Growing a company while staying true to the vision
  • 3 tips to starting and building a business
  • When generosity leads to joy – instilling and pursuing a sense of service to others
  • Why charitable giving should be a cost of doing business

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Coming up next on the Make Meaning Podcast: Tune in October 7 when Lynne speaks with Sandy North, co-founder and Executive Director of Remember Me Quilt Project of Michigan. Sandy makes meaning and connections by memorializing victims of gun violence on quilts that travel around the state of Michigan to raise awareness. Through the simple act of quilting, she brings together communities, victims’ families, and advocates statewide who seek to bring an end to gun violence.