Episode 58 – Kristi Nelson and Nedal Al-Hayek – Being Grateful: A Special Thanksgiving episode

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Is your glass half empty or half full? Maybe it’s less about how much is in the glass, and more about having a glass in the first place? In honor of Thanksgiving, we are airing a special episode of the Make Meaning podcast, focusing on how to mindfully cultivate gratefulness that can lead to a happier, healthier life. 

In this episode, Lynne speaks with Kristi Nelson, Executive Director of A Network for Grateful Living, and Nedal Al-Hayek, a Syrian refugee who has built an impressive life for his family since coming to the United States in 2015. Both guests provide insights on the powerful role gratefulness plays in their lives – one after receiving a life-threatening wakeup call early in life, the other receiving a second chance to build a safe life for his family. 

What are you thankful for? Leave a comment here on what gratefulness means to youand share this episode with somebody for whom you’re grateful.

In this episode, Lynne, Kristi and Nedal discuss:

  • Gratitude for the glass
  • The power of a wake-up call
  • Moments of gratitude vs lives of gratefulness
  • The concept of Stop-Look-Go
  • The link between gratefulness, happiness, and improved health
  • Gratefulness, sufficiency and generosity
  • Obligation or privilege? How gratitude shapes attitude
  • Taking stock of what’s important to get you through the hard times
  • A grateful, positive attitude can take you anywhere
  • Nedal gives a special offer for local listeners – tune in!

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