Episode 61 – Merle Saferstein – How to Leave a Legacy Through Journaling

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How do you want to be remembered? Merle Saferstein, this week’s guest on the Make Meaning Podcast, works with people to determine their life legacies, and this is one of the questions she routinely asks. Merle has found great meaning through teaching children, working with Holocaust survivors, and most recently, fulfilling a lifelong goal of publishing her book, Room 732. Listen as Lynne talks with Merle about living and leaving a legacy, the choices we make to create lives of meaning, and the importance of knowing our lives matter.

About this week’s guest:

Merle Saferstein has enjoyed a successful career as an educator of children and adults alike. She spent 26 years helping Holocaust survivors document their stories as director of educational outreach at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center now located in Dania Beach, Florida. Retired since 2011, she travels around the country, speaking to and educating individuals and groups about how to live and leave their legacy.

In this episode, Lynne and Merle discuss:

  • Defining legacy – financial assets vs. positive impact
  • How living a meaningful life creates a meaningful legacy
  • Finding what speaks to your soul
  • The resilience of the human spirit and what that can teach future generations
  • The importance of knowing our lives matter

Links and Resources:

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