Episode 65 – Reyanne Mustafa – How to Reduce Food Waste

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Reyanne Mustafa, co-founder of Soulmuch, aims to rescue the 1 million pounds of untouched restaurant food headed for the trash bin every day. Reyanne knows Soulmuch can’t do it alone, but by engaging others in the effort, she believes it is achievable. On the latest episode of the Make Meaning podcast, Reyanne talks with Lynne about how she combats food waste and found her purpose by baking cookies. Listen here: 

Reyanne co-founded Soulmuch while still a student at San Diego State University. While working as a restaurant server, she and Kristian Krugman witnessed a significant amount of food waste and were inspired to address it. “I never thought I would be running a cookie company,” Reyanne says in this episode of Make Meaning. “We’re not a cookie company seeking upcycled ingredients. We were working in the food industry seeking a solution for food waste.” 

In this episode, Lynne and Reyanne discuss: 

  • Reyanne’s mission to reduce food waste, reduce the carbon footprint, and make healthy food more accessible 
  • Stepping up to address a need and be the solution 
  • Linking profit with purpose 
  • The power of culture in forming identity  
  • Our relationship with food 
  • A shift in thinking: how to break food waste habits 
  • Purpose as a continuous effort, borne from struggle 

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