Episode 67 – Clay Carnill – How to Podcast

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Episode 67 – The Trend of Podcasting with Clay Carnill 

Whether he’s talking with Tony Hawk, gathering with Make Meaning podcast guests, or convening with close friends over coffee, Clay Carnill knows when someone shares their story, it is a sacred moment. This skill makes him the invaluable sound engineer of the Make Meaning podcast as well as our expert producer, and an incredible listener. Clay regularly practices the discipline of quieting oneself to listen and to honor speaker and story. In this episode of Make Meaning, Clay talks with Lynne about the storytelling power of podcasting, why podcasts are popular, and the connections and opportunities that arise in this Golden Era of Podcasting. Tune in here: 

Clay’s advice on podcasting: ‘…use it as a tool to expand your consciousness.”  

In this episode, Lynne and Clay discuss: 

  • The sacred moment of podcast storytelling 
  • Quieting oneself to listen well 
  • The art of interviewing 
  • The golden era of podcasting  
  • Podcasting benefits for storyteller and listener 
  • Podcasting trends and statistics 
  • Building community purposefully and staying connected 
  • The role of podcasting in developing passions 

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