Episode 70 – Elena Reads – How to Stoke a Love of Reading in Kids

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What did your younger self want to be when you grew up? Elena, 6th-grade book blogger of Elena Reads (, wants to be a writer and is well on her way to realizing that dream. Celebrating her 2-year anniversary as a youth-book-blogger this week, Elena combines her passion for reading and writing on her avidly-read blog, where she reviews and recommends kid books, with a particular focus on diversity of race, religion, gender and abilities. She interviews authors, as well. Elena is bummed that the libraries are closed due to the pandemic stay-at-home mandate, but she sees this as an opportunity to ramp up her online presence with a “Storytime with Elena” weekly effort to read picture books to children ages 4-7. She’s definitely a self-starter! Elena joins Lynne Golodner on this episode of the Make Meaning podcast to talk about her passions, her dream to become a writer, and why diversity in literature is important. Listen here: 

What drives Elena’s passion to become a writer? “Reading is like a movie in your head. I really would like other people to see movies of my words in their head.” 

In this episode, Lynne and Elena discuss: 

  • The inspiration behind 
  • Elena’s vision and process for blogging 
  • Combining passions to realize a dream 
  • Why diversity is important in literature 
  • Some of Elena’s favorite authors 
  • Elena’s advice for finding purpose 

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