Episode 72 – Monica Mae Leibson – How to Build Lasting Health Through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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A personal bout with asthma at the age of 18 led Monica Mae Leibson to learn about a variety of ways to create good health – which ultimately inspired her to build a career in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Today, working with Michigan Associates of Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine, Monica plays detective to get to the root cause of troubling symptoms for her patients, leading them to lifestyle, diet, and perspective shifts that contribute to long-term wellness.

In this episode, Monica shares insights about the importance of preventative measures to ensure good health, the role of energy to get your body in flow, and how treating the root cause lasts longer than simply addressing symptoms. Monica joins Lynne Golodner on the Make Meaning podcast to discuss our culture of busy-ness and addiction to stress, living through the COVID-19 pandemic, the politics of health, and what really makes you sick. 

Monica’s Permission Slip: “Go within. Give yourself what you need. What you crave, you already have. There is another way of looking at the situation.” 

In this episode, Lynne and Monica discuss: 

  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 
  • Reiki & Naturopathy 
  • Western medicine vs. alternative medicine 
  • Commonalities between Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda 
  • How lifestyle and diet affect overall health 
  • Community acupuncture 
  • A pandemic as a global reset 
  • Promoting lung health to deal with COVID-19 
  • Building an equitable health care system  

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