Episode 77 – Jason Kadlitz – Building Community in a Barber Shop

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Jason Kadlitz dropped an engineering career to become a barber, morphing his engineering skills and creative passion into vintage precision haircutting. As he built a one-of-a-kind business, he drew upon personal values to create a culture of kindness. 

Jason has created in the Berkley Chop Shop a retro-style clubhouse of community and fellowship where everyone matters. Jason joins Lynne Golodner on this episode of the Make Meaning podcast to share what inspired him to find a new path, create a welcoming space, and encourage his children to be who they’re meant to be, the way his own father supported him. 

Where are you on your path to purpose? Is a deep-down passion inspiring you to take a leap? Maybe you’ve made a switch already and you’re finding new meaning in your work. Share your story with us here.

In this episode, Jason and Lynne discuss:

  • Refocusing passions to find a new purpose
  • Special people who inspire and support a life change
  • The vision behind the Berkley Chop Shop 
  • Building a culture of kindness
  • Raising kids to be who they’re meant to be

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