Episode 96 – Jim Rajan – How to Leave Everything Behind

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When his young daughter faced a rare form of cancer as a baby, Jim Rajan turned his family’s life upside down for the sole purpose of finding a way to help her survive. He left a high-profile career that included working for MTV U.K., and moved his family to Spain, where his daughter recovered and Jim built a life on discipline, enlightenment and service.

In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Jim speaks with host Lynne Golodner about how difficult it was to leave a creative industry to infuse his life with more meaning. “If I’m not living my truth, I am wasting my life,” he says. “I needed a more spiritual way of living, more connected to self and the world.”

A musician and music producer, Jim now offers distance healing workshops, chants and meditates daily, and teaches others to listen to the powerful voice within.

In this episode, Lynne and Jim discuss:

  • Kundalini yoga
  • Meditation
  • Sound healing
  • Taking action
  • Living a disciplined life
  • Finding coherence in everything you doo

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Coming up next on the Make Meaning Podcast: Lynne interviews Eric Hale, the first African-American man to be named Texas Teacher of the Year, who made a career pivot at age 30 to educate the youngest learners in the most challenged communities.

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