Episode 99 – Keisha Greaves – How to Turn a Devastating Diagnosis into a Career Opportunity

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When many people receive life-altering medical news, they don’t see it as opportunity. Keisha Greaves does. As founder of Girls Chronically Rock and an inspiring advocate for the disability community, Keisha embraced her situation and let it motivate her to live her best life.

In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Keisha speaks with host Lynne Golodner about being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy while in graduate school and using such initially devastating news as motivation to start the fashion brand she’d always dreamed of.

In this episode, Lynne and Keisha Greaves discuss:

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Why it’s never good to Google diagnoses & symptoms
  • The changing nature of fashion
  • Why it’s ok to wear sweatpants in a pandemic – and any time
  • Recycling clothes
  • Adaptive clothing
  • Face masks as fashion

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