Margaret O'Gorman

Episode 101 – Margaret O’Gorman – Why Bicycling through Countries is the BEST Way to Learn Local Culture

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Sometimes a meaningful life and a purpose-driven career grows out of a step-by-step approach to accepting opportunities and seeing where they take you. Margaret O’Gorman, President of the Wildlife Habitat Council and author of the book, Strategic Corporate Conservation Planning, could not have charted her life’s course from her childhood in Ireland – she simply embraced the opportunities that came her way and a meaning-rich life unfolded.

In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Margaret O’Gorman speaks with host Lynne Golodner about being an NGO professional with more than two decades of experience in environmental consciousness, teaching smaller NGOs how to fundraise, and what it’s like taking part in peaceful marches on matters of great importance.

In this episode, Lynne and Margaret discuss:

  • Emigrating to the United States
  • Being a peaceful activist by participating in 13 (and counting) marches
  • Making fundraising easy
  • Why Margaret O’Gorman and her husband prefer to bicycle through countries as a way to truly know local culture
  • How corporations can become more conscious of their environmental impact
  • Her non-profit’s impact through more than 600 programs in 28+ countries
  • Making corporate social responsibility accessible to the average employee
  • Focusing on DOING rather than just talking

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Coming up next on the Make Meaning Podcast: Lynne interviews Patrick Hicks, author and writing professor at Augustana University.

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