Episode 85 – Michele Cuomo – Recognizing the Value in State and Community Colleges

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Michele Cuomo is an educational leader in so many regards – on state and community colleges, on the future of Higher Education, and on transforming theater to meet the distancing demands of the current pandemic. And so much more.

In this episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Michele talks with Lynne Golodner about how “the arts teach us we are all in this together” and hold up a mirror to our societies and ourselves. They touch on the struggle to achieve universal access and equity in Higher Ed, democratizing the classroom, and the challenge to help people understand the value of Higher Ed in a changing world.

Plus, they touch on the innovations of theaters across America during the pandemic, and the unique ways people can still access education and the arts from afar.

In this episode, Lynne and Michele discuss:

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Lynne interviews Joshua Smith, a high school counselor and member of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 Task Force on Education.

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