Episode 151 – Rochelle Weinstein – Writing Best-Selling Novels

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Rochelle Weinstein is a successful and talented author known for her emotionally charged novels. After leaving a career in the music industry in 2000, she started writing and has produced eight novels, with the latest coming out on Oct. 20th. Rochelle’s writing explores topical issues and draws inspiration from her own experiences and emotions. What’s more, she is a leading example of generosity, camaraderie and community in the world of women’s fiction!

In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, host Lynne Golodner interviews Rochelle about how and why, after two wildly successful self-published books, she landed an agent and publishing contract that is still going strong. They discuss hitting bestseller status by trusting instincts, Rochelle’s writing process, where she finds inspiration (real-life emotions, timely, topical subjects, and places she loves) and the impact of platforms like TikTok.

In this episode, Lynne and Rochelle discuss: 

  • Why being a voracious reader makes you a better writer
  • Launching a writing career while raising twin sons
  • Why every book publishing story is unique
  • The importance of a strong, professionally-edited self-published book 
  • The shift from self-publishing to finding an agent
  • Inspiration for book ideas
  • Plotter vs. Pantser
  • Rochelle’s role as a book influencer
  • Changes in the publishing industry
  • The importance of supporting other authors
  • How AI is affecting authors
  • The importance of having a writing community & support system
  • Rochelle’s vision for her writing future
  • Advice for aspiring writers

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