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Episode 60 – Vickie Thompson-Sandy – Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

The consummate workplace dilemma: you want to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder, but you don’t want to lose what you first loved about your work. Vickie Thompson-Sandy knows this challenge all too well. As a social worker dedicated to child welfare issues, and now a nonprofit leader on a national scale, her focus has always been to make the world healthier, stronger, and more whole. On this week’s episode of the Make Meaning podcast, Vickie, CEO of The Buckeye Ranch in Columbus, Ohio, shares insights on how to be a leader and retain a vision of purpose, finding new ways to make […]

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Episode 7 – Katie Brown – Relationship-based Legal Leadership

Katie Brown helps businesses of all sizes, from family-owned companies to multi-state corporations. She travels to their locations and evaluates any challenges and shows organizations how to avoid problems before they occur. Katie is principal at Madden Hauser, specializing in employment law. She joins Lynne on the Make Meaning Podcast to discuss how she got into law, how she prioritizes her personal life with her professional life, and who she admires most and why. Learn more about Maddin Hauser at

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