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Episode 114 – Nancy Sharp – How to Turn Tragedy into Opportunity

Nancy Sharp experienced an exceptional grief when her husband died from brain cancer at the age of 39 when their twins were toddlers. She eventually left New York City for Denver to start over amid the mountain air. She left a public relations career and became a Guided Autobiography instructor, as well as the author of the bestselling memoir, Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living. Her writing and her work inspire resilience. In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Nancy speaks with host Lynne Golodner about her writing process, her passion for […]

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Ramona Pintea

Episode 113 – Ramona Pintea – How to Make Art a Path for Serving Others

When Ramona Pintea turned 40, she decided to close her interior design business and start a new path following her true passion — art. During the beginning of the pandemic, she created a piece called Mother Earth which looks at the hope amongst all the terrible things happening. She shared it on Facebook and discovered a huge audience of supporters which spurred her to create the art series Urban Queen. In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Ramona speaks with host Lynne Golodner about the importance of making art about women, for women. Her bright and colorful paintings […]

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Episode 27 – Rev. Faith Fowler – Advancing Justice

Rev. Faith Fowler is both the pastor of Cass Community United Methodist Church and the Executive Director of Cass Community Social Services, a nonprofit agency that provides food, housing, medical/mental health and employment programs for people living in areas of concentrated poverty. She has held these positions since 1994.  In addition to her work at Cass, Rev. Fowler has served as a board member of the Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development Corporation, an advisory board member of the Detroit Area Agency on Aging and a board member and trustee on the General Board of Church and Society.  In 2014, Rev. Fowler founded Cass Community Publishing […]

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Episode 24 – Stephen Payne – Inner Voice

Stephen Payne, also known as Farmer Steve, is the resident farmer and garden teacher at Sacramento Waldorf School in Sacramento, California. He has a degree in Business Marketing from Central Connecticut University and 10 years of experience in organic farming, and another five years of experience as a market garden business owner. Stephen came to SacWaldorf in 2001, where he lives on the property, manages the farm, and teaches children of all ages and grades in a hands-on curriculum on the three-and-a-half acre farm that is part of the campus. In an era where children are becoming less and less […]

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Episode 23 – Rev. Josephine Robertson – Crazy Whole Life

Joining us on the Make Meaning Podcast is Rev. Josephine Robertson! The Rev. Josephine Robertson grew up as a Episcopalian (a geeky and liberal sort of Christian who likes incense and big old churches but also science and Star Trek), and spent time at monasteries way before it was cool. Her spiritual mentors have been Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, and Pagan and they’ve each had valuable truths to share. Rev. Josephine has a BS from Western Michigan University, a Master of Divinity from the Seminary of the Southwest, and an ever-expanding collection of books. She was ordained as a priest […]

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Episode 19 – Noreen Ehrlich – Defy and Hustle

Noreen Ehrlich, a savvy former Wall Street CFO and global entrepreneur, has been developing her latest venture as a success and business relationship coach. Her insights and her devotion to helping people break through to new levels of consciousness and success are inspiring. She’s a powerful lady, who helps her clients bring their inner power into the light and inspire others. Listen to this week’s Make Meaning podcast conversation with Noreen about how she daringly builds her next chapter every single day.

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