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Becky Robinson

Episode 128 – Becky Robinson – Building Reach for Books

Imagine starting a company to give yourself an income source that is compatible with your role as a mom of small children. And then, as that company grows, realizing your role is really about creating opportunities for others – providing meaningful, flexible work, access to great content and guidance to reach goals and grow influence. And then, 10 years in, you write a book about everything you learned and have an early reader community of more than 400 people who are chomping at the bit to read your book. That’s Becky Robinson’s story.

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Episode 106 – Nancy Marshall – How to Love PR

When Lynne Golodner pivoted from journalism to public relations and marketing, she had a love-hate relationship with the PR field; it felt like crossing over to the dark side, she recalls. But Nancy Marshall, founder and CEO of Marshall Communications in Maine, never had such misgivings about the field of public relations. She loved it from a young age and has been thrilled with her decades-rich career in the industry. In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Nancy speaks with host Lynne Golodner about understanding yourself and your passions enough to find meaningful work. Nancy helps companies to […]

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Episode 42 – April Jones Boyle – Building Detroit

April Jones Boyle of Build Institute has had a vision for our beloved city of Detroit for a long time. A vision of what it could be and what it can be, and she won’t just sit on the sidelines and hope someone will make it happen. She’s taking action, empowering entrepreneurs, and building Detroit from within. Her conversation with Lynne, who is a celebrated entrepreneur in her own right, on this episode of theMake Meaning podcast looks at how to empower entrepreneurs so they empower Detroit – building neighborhoods, creating jobs. Check it out: Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Do you have a […]

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Episode 25 – Crosby Noricks – Perfect PR Moments

Crosby Noricks is the founder of PR Couture, the industry-leading platform for fashion and lifestyle communicators, as well as a brand strategist and business coach. Known as “the fashion publicists’ most powerful accessory” by The San Diego Union-Tribune, Noricks was named one of the top 50 game-changers in PR by PR News, and as a top marketing innovator by iMediaConnection.  Over the last decade, Noricks has served as de facto mentor to hundreds of PR and marketing practitioners through her accessibility, thought leadership, expansive network and programs like her signature PRISM course,  a global educational workshop and self-enrichment series for aspiring professionals.  Her successful marketing track record includes spearheading […]

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Episode 21 – Brenda Meller – All About Pie

For the past ten years, Brenda Meller has been embracing social media to help propel her personal and professional efforts and now through Meller Marketing, she helps people and businesses with marketing and social media, specializing in LinkedIn. She first realized the power of social media when making a career change using LinkedIn at the height of Michigan’s downturn in 2008. She started sharing her knowledge of social media through workshops, webinars, presentations, and via blogs. In 2017, her side hustle led to her dream job with the launch of Meller Marketing. Brenda’s approach has always been to present information […]

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