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Episode 114 – Nancy Sharp – How to Turn Tragedy into Opportunity

Nancy Sharp experienced an exceptional grief when her husband died from brain cancer at the age of 39 when their twins were toddlers. She eventually left New York City for Denver to start over amid the mountain air. She left a public relations career and became a Guided Autobiography instructor, as well as the author of the bestselling memoir, Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living. Her writing and her work inspire resilience. In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Nancy speaks with host Lynne Golodner about her writing process, her passion for […]

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Episode 2 – Barbara Jones – Stories Can Change the World

For the Make Meaning podcast Episode #2, Barbara Jones is the Executive Editor at Henry Holt publishers in New York. Barbara joins Lynne Golodner on the Make Meaning podcast as a great mentor, friend, and inspiration. Together, they speak about how Barbara’s career has taken her through magazines and publishing houses, telling powerful stories, in hopes the reader comes out with a better understanding of the experience themselves. Barbara was a magazine editor for more than 20 years before switching to books. She shares her insights on how the publishing industry is doing today and what the future holds for […]

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