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Episode 13 – One Earth Writing Ambassadors – Teen Voices

Brynnna Connolly, Rithik Hossali, Sabriya Imami, and Krisha Ramani found meaning writing within the One Earth Writing Ambassadors program. One Earth Writing’s empowerment programs bring together teens from different races, religions, and socioeconomic origins for writing workshops that build confidence, power and purpose. Students explore shared interests like family, friendship, sport, food, love and disappointment and find common ground on which to connect. All four of these teens met throughout the program. Lynne invites the Ambassadors to share how they made meaning throughout the program, who inspires them, and what advice would they give others on how to find purpose […]

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Episode 11 – LaTonia Walker – Building up Women in the Middle

LaTonia Walker is a lifelong resident of Detroit, MI. She is a Social Worker and Life Coach to women living in poverty and experiencing homelessness at a Detroit Shelter. She is also the founder and CEO of The Ladies League of Detroit, a women’s group for middle ground women that focuses on professional and personal development, empowerment, and networking. LaTonia joins Lynne on the Make Meaning podcast to tell us about the women she serves, what inspired her to create this organization, and why it is important to connect people in both her personal life and professional sphere. Learn more […]

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