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Episode 46 – Amy Haimerl and David Dwaihy – Creating Communities

When was the last time you felt welcome – like an “us”, not a “them” – among strangers? Have you experienced people of different walks of life coming together from different origins, united by a common purpose? These are the kinds of experiences and spaces that Amy Haimerl, founder of Shady Ladies Literary Society, and David Dwaihy, co-owner of Detroit City Football Club, are creating. They joinedLynne recently for a special episode of the Make Meaning podcast, recorded live at the Motor City Woman’s Podcast Brunch as part of the Detroit Podcast Festival. Amy and David share a purpose: creating common ground for people from diverse backgrounds to connect over shared interests. […]

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Episode 18 – Amy Haimerl – Shady Ladies & Detroit Hustle

Amy Haimerl is the founder of the Shady Ladies Literary Society, an event series that pairs up emerging women writers, scientists, chefs and bartenders for unforgettable evenings. Amy is also a professor of journalism at Michigan State University and author of Detroit Hustle, a memoir about rehabbing an historic home in Detroit. Amy joins Lynne on the Make Meaning Podcast to tell us about teaching journalism today, in this era of media mistrust and “fake news.” She also chats about her memoir and where the idea came from and why the Shady Ladies programs is so important.

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