Make Meaning Movement

Make Meaning Hour

The Make Meaning Hour is an opportunity to gather with like-minded peers and delve into concepts of meaning and purpose, around work and life. Especially as we endure the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, these sessions stimulate conversation and exploration about the kind of work we do, how and why we work, and what drives our decisions and our futures. If you’re considering a pause, or forced to have one due to economic considerations during this time, join a Make Meaning Hour to thoughtfully address how to pivot on your terms.

Marketing Entrepreneur and multi-title author Lynne Golodner leads the Make Meaning Hour, guiding participants to face the times with grace and authority, and how to turn anxiety and stress into opportunity. Driven by questions of how we find meaning, and how we use that personal meaning to drive professional pursuits, the Make Meaning Hour connects participants in meaningful conversation. Get your questions answered! Start on your path to happiness today.

Sessions take place on Zoom. Registration is required. Participation is free. 

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Every now and then you attend a truly awesome webinar that provides real practical sound advice for a situation with many unique questions. Today was that day for me. (The Make Meaning Hour) I look forward to the next event with you and will be joining your 21 days to make a habit! I’m so excited for this event and what lies ahead. You’re truly a gift and I’m so glad our paths crossed and you pursued your talent! 😊 Thank you for today!