Make Meaning Mastermind

Finally Write Your Book...

Begins September 30, 2020


If you write one page every day, you’ll have a book in a year.

One page is easy, right? That’s 300 words. And, when most writers sit down to write, they churn out more than a single page. It’s that sitting down and focusing that’s hard.

You’ve always wanted to write a book. The trouble is that you don’t have the time, you can’t get organized, you burn out quickly, you struggle to stay motivated, you critique and judge your writing before you can even fill a page…it’s paralyzing to think about writing a book and try to do it alone!

You put everyone first but YOU, right? 

Well, it’s time that your voice is heard!!! 

Think about how much you can inspire others, build business for yourself, and boost your professional profile by pulling your ideas together in a book and sharing it with the world.


It’s not hard. It just takes commitment. And I’m here to hold your hand through the process.

Accountability is the #1 best tool to help writers go from wannabe book authors to best-sellers. Join the Make Meaning Mastermind to start - and finish! - your book!

Who It’s For

CEOs & Entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise and use it as a marketing tool to gain exposure

Writers who want to complete a book, get it published and market it

Wanna-be & half-done writers

Procrastinating writers who have a great idea but need structure to get the manuscript done

Business experts who want to package their expertise into a book as a marketing tool

Devote 12 months to your book & go from frustrated to FINISHED! 

👍 Live Trainings to walk you through each step of the process & lessen the overwhelm

👍 Live Co-Writing calls to keep you accountable & get the work done 

👍 A private Facebook group to share ideas & struggles, give & receive support and feedback

👍 One-on-one coaching calls with personal guidance & feedback, so you can get unstuck and get moving!

👍 Quarterly surprise master classes with experts in the publishing industry!! (Networking is the BEST way to get your book published.)


Are You…

  • Having trouble writing a book?
  • Struggling to promote yourself?
  • Not sure how to snare the attention of a publisher?
  • Wondering how to market the book you wrote?
  • Wanting to publish a book to build business & attract more customers?
  • Bursting with ideas but unable to organize them into a focused manuscript?
  • Not sure how to position yourself as an author to gain speaking gigs & clients?

If you answered YES to any of these, then this Mastermind is for YOU!!!

What's Included...

This 12-month Mastermind is structured to break down the book writing process into manageable chunks. If you’ve already started your book and just want motivation or support to finish it, no worries! 

You can still start on day 1 to assess your manuscript-in-process from a planning perspective and use the sessions to spur you toward completion. Some people need more than a year to write a book, too, so jumping in when you’ve already penned some pages only helps to speed up your process.

Let’s make 2021 the year you finally write - AND FINISH - your book.

Here’s my promise:

In just 12 months, and with my support and accountability, you’ll transform your ideas into compelling chapters, emerge with a finished manuscript, and gain insight into how to package your writing to market yourself and attract a publisher.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, let’s talk and see if now is the time for you to get your words and ideas into the world!

the Write Your Book Mastermind 

12 months of Live Trainings & Co-Writing Calls

($30,000 value)


Access to Expertise

24/7 community feedback and expert coaching for a FULL YEAR

($5,000 value) 

Expert Guidance Focused Just on You

One-on-one coaching with a well-published author, writing coach & marketing guru for a YEAR! 

(6 sessions in 12 months)


PLUS…BONUS MASTER CLASSES with industry experts (publishers, editors from big publishing houses, book agents, authors & MORE!)



Total Value: $40,000+++

You Pay: $15,000 

Limited Seats Available

Discounted Pricing if you register in August 2020: $997 per month


lynne golodner

Why Me?

I’m an 8-time author and journalist with thousands of articles to my name – and book #9 is due out in early 2021!

With a journalism degree and an MFA in Writing, I’ve taught writing since 1998 at universities throughout North America, and coached aspiring authors in workshops & retreats. There is nothing I love more than the written word and helping people share their voice with the world.

PLUS…I’ve ghost-written books for authors & coached them through writing their manuscript, and that costs a whole lot more than doing it yourself with the guidance of a seasoned expert!!

I’ve lived in New York, Washington, D.C., and Detroit, writing for magazines and newspapers, and since 2007, I’ve been an entrepreneur using writing to promote authors and businesses.

I’ve traveled with clients to far-reaching destinations to blog about their work. I coach authors on how best to use social media, websites, and other marketing tools to increase awareness of their expertise, sell their books, and build their professional profile through speaking engagements and media interviews. I regularly interview authors on the Make Meaning Podcast  bout their successes and their journeys.

Basically, I’ve spent my life writing and helping others curate their ideas into articles and books that inspire others and uplift communities.

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s RESERVE YOUR SEAT in the Make Meaning Mastermind.

Hear About the Transformations That Come from Working with Lynne...

"Lynne understands how to empower a creative mind to deliver their best work. Her capacity for empathy makes her more than just a coach or a director. She finds a way to allow you to tap your potential and to rely upon your best instincts as a PR professional and a writer. I feel much more confident in my abilities, and I feel like a better writer, after working with Lynne."
Mike D.
PR Professional
“Lynne Golodner has a creative eye that most do not. She has a brilliant way of bringing thoughts and philosophies out. You may just learn something about yourself if given the opportunity to let her work.”
Ed B.
Manufacturing Entrepreneur
“Lynne’s workshops develop resilience and creativity.  Lynne challenges me to go deeper - to think beyond the words to the roots of experience.  My writing is becoming stronger and more purposeful, and I have a renewed sense of confidence as I write my first book."
Alicia B.
“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend.  This was the finest writing/self-care combo I've done so far and I am truly grateful. I wouldn't suggest changing a thing... I felt freed up; there was a flow that truly excited me and inspired me to continue the writing.  You are a terrific teacher.”
Beth L.
“Lynne’s workshop helped me explore a part of my personality and interests that I hadn't yet allowed myself to dig into. I feel more connected to who I am as well as all the other wonderful people who participated. One of my favorite aspects of the workshop is being in a safe space, sharing my words with people of different backgrounds and perspectives. Thanks, Lynne!"
Julie R.
“Lynne Golodner inspired us to communicate more effectively. Learning to bring information in clear and meaningful ways even increased our awareness of main lesson curriculum delivery. We were inspired to renew our understanding of Waldorf education in order to communicate its value out to the greater world.”
Lower School Faculty
Sacramento Waldorf School
“Lynne is changing my life.  She knew I was hesitating about moving forward on my dream path of full-time writing, blogging, speaking and coaching.  I’d start, lose focus, then stop again.  Lynne is keeping me accountable to the vision she sees for me and her confidence in me is making a huge difference.
With her coaching, I got recognition in just weeks!  She keeps pushing me to apply my talents, live loudly, and be a beacon for others.   Her interpersonal skills and business success inspire me. She shares her secrets.
There are many courses that claim to make a difference but fall short.  Skip that.  Work with Lynne and you will get top-notch results quickly.”
Noreen E.
Writer, Speaker and Coach
“I have absolutely loved this, I found a voice I didn't know I had and it's allowed me to unload things that needed to come out. Digging back in today and catching up!”
Nicole B.
“Thank you for being so encouraging. I wish I could keep writing today instead of working!.”
Betsy C.
“Lynne makes it a priority to understand her clients and find unique ways to develop and optimize their marketing program. Lynne is great to work with and I continue to learn so much from her.”
Laurie F.
Senior Social and Content Strategist 

Make Meaning Write Your Book Mastermind

In this 12-month Mastermind for entrepreneurs and authors, you’ll outline the book you’ve always wanted to write, get writing, receive and give feedback, and learn how to get it published and market your book. Beginning September 30, 2020, this intensive will turn you from wannabe author to impressive thought leader – with a book to show for it!

Expect to:

  • Remove obstacles to writing your book & receive expert guidance from a well-published, well-connected author & marketer
  • Bravely take steps toward publishing with guidance and wisdom from experts in the industry
  • Explore what life might look like if you conveyed your meaning into inspiring words for others

Make Meaning Mastermind