The Meaning Sessions

What could you do if no one stood in your way?

Or better yet, what could you do if YOU got out of your own way?

There are so many reasons why we fall into certain routines or paths, but most of the time these decisions are not driven by Meaning or Purpose.

The Make Meaning Movement is about reclaiming Meaning and putting it to work for you.
In 2021, we are offering The Meaning Sessions – opportunities to gather with curious and creative people searching for clarity on why we are here and what we are uniquely meant to do.
Every single one of us has a purpose. Isn’t it about time you found yours?
meaning sessions

What’s ahead:

Claiming your Meaning, articulating your Story, and living with Purpose.

Join Lynne Golodner, host of the Make Meaning Podcast, founder of the Make Meaning Movement and Marketing with Meaning Coach/Facilitator, for hour-long Meaning Sessions, where you’ll connect with a community of meaning-driven people, explore your inner longing and confront your deepest questions. What comes next is greater inspiration for the work you do every day, and clarity about your unique gifts that the world is waiting for.

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The Meaning Sessions

Thursday, January 21 from 4pm - 5pm ET

Topic: Your Meaning Proposition

Why do you do the work you do?

What is your WHY?

In this workshop, learn how to identify your Meaning Proposition, and why it’s important to use your WHY to lead your work, life, and relationships.

Thursday, February 18 from 3pm - 4pm ET

Topic: Love Your Work, Love Your Life

We don’t always think of “love” in its proper context. Love is not preferential attachment; it’s universal understanding. How can you adopt this new perspective of love and expand the possibilities for your work and life?

And what does love have to do with meaning?

Monday, March 8 from 11am - 12pm ET

Topic: International Women’s Day – Harnessing Your Strength – don’t fear your power!

This is the month of women!

International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month – it’s a time to embrace the power of women, the power of the feminine.

In this session, we will explore how to Harness Your Strength, and how not to fear your own power.

Tuesday, April 20 from 3pm - 4pm ET

Topic: What’s Your Story

During National Poetry Month, let’s immerse in the words, and find ways to articulate your personal narrative that will move you forward, to the places you’d like to explore, immerse in, and confront.

Finding your Meaning is the first step toward articulating your Story. They go hand in hand.

Let’s explore the words you need to be your best self.

Thursday, May 13 4pm - 5pm ET

Topic: Finding the Good

Success depends on perspective and effort. Can you see the good in everything you do? If not, how might you change that to direct yourself toward achievement and accomplished goals?

In this session, we’ll explore how to shift your mindset to amp up your career and add happiness to your life.

Thursday, June 22 11am - 12pm ET

Topic: Celebrating Self & Soul

You are ENOUGH! Do you realize that? Do you feel it?

This month, we will explore how you can celebrate all that you are and all that you have to offer. We’ll dig deep into the core of who you are and the talents you bring to the work you do. Emerge from this session with a renewed energy for your potential!

Wednesday, July 14 12pm - 1pm ET

Topic: Freedom through Meaning

What does it mean to be free? How could discovering your personal meaning set you free – in work and in life?

What if you could discover what you were born to do, and why your presence is needed on the planet? How would that free you from the expectations of others and empower you to build a life you LOVE?

Tuesday, August 24 10am - 11am ET

Topic: Setting Realistic Goals

The law of manifesting teaches that you have to SAY what you want, be SPECIFIC, and then put in your BEST EFFORT to make it happen. And then, once you do, magical things unfold.

In this session, we’ll explore how to set REALISTIC GOALS for your work and life, and set about making them come to fruition.

Wednesday, September 22 12pm - 1pm ET

Topic: Continual Improvement & Skill-Building

No one is a finished product – EVER! Part of the joy of life is continual growth, never-ending learning, and the opportunity to expand your skills and potential at any age.

In this session, we’ll explore the importance of being open to learning new things, expanding your skillset, and continuously refining your expectations and hopes for your career and life.

Thursday, October 28 3pm - 4pm ET
Topic: Gaining Control of Your Career

Did you choose your job or did you fall into it? Have you uttered the words, “I hate my job?” or “I can’t wait for vacation?”

What if purpose could drive the work you do every day – so that it never felt like work?

Guess what? It is possible! In this session, we will explore the very real actions you can take to direct your career in a new direction, find work you LOVE and steer the ship of your career in the direction you want it to go.

It is never too late to love what you do. When work comes from a place of Meaning & Purpose, it changes everyone and everything.

Wednesday, November 17 12pm - 1pm ET

Topic: Gratitude

This is the month for gratitude (though it’s a trait you might want to infuse your life with!).

In this session, we will explore the role of gratitude in life and work satisfaction, how to adopt an attitude of gratitude, and how to be grateful for challenges, troubling moments, and disappointments.

Thursday, December 9 3pm - 4pm ET

Topic: Reflection

It’s that time of year – time to reflect, take stock and plan for good times ahead.

In the last Meaning Session of 2021, we will take time to reflect, explore some quick writing, and build a meaningful list of next steps to make the days and months ahead of your best ever.