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What’s Your Story 21-Day Workshop

Begins June 1, 2020


Does it take you a minute or two – or maybe longer – to explain your work, your value, why you are the best person for the job?

Do potential clients lose interest because they don’t understand what you do?

Do you KNOW you offer great value but just can’t explain HOW?

This workshop will relieve these challenges and make it EASY to convey your meaning, your value, and why you are the person to work with! When you can effectively communicate your story, you make it easy for people to hire, support, and buy from you.

Get personalized attention and guidance to create your most meaningful story.

The What’s Your Story Workshop is a 21-Day journey to YOUR BEST BUSINESS NARRATIVE. You need a GREAT STORY in order to do WORK THAT MATTERS. Refine your focus, articulate your purpose, capture the words to invite abundance!

How It Works

Join award-winning journalist, marketing agency founder and storytelling guru Lynne Golodner for 21 days of prompts and encouragement after which you will emerge with a clear, concise, compelling story to propel you forward to the success you’ve always wanted.

After completing this workshop… 

👍 your meaning-inspired story will roll off the tongue so easily, bringing you new clients, new opportunities, and more work 

👍 you’ll feel more confident in interviews, more clear in pursuit of new clients, more inspired to do work that matters to you 

👍 you’ll have the words to make your mark on the world in lasting ways  


You’ll receive daily prompts, participate in weekly Zoom calls, and connect with like-minded self-starters in a private Facebook group. As an added bonus for this first round of the Story Workshop, you’ll also receive a private coaching session with Lynne.  
What's Included...

✔️   Daily writing prompts to guide you toward clarity on your story 

✔️  Insightful feedback from a trained, award-winning journalist and marketer 

✔️  One-on-one coaching 

✔️  Live group calls 

✔️  A supportive community  

✔️ Define Your Story:: 21 daily prompts delivered to your inbox – discover your meaning, get to the root of your passion, identify your strengths, articulate your goals, craft a concise, compelling story that lands you that next great client or job 

✔️ Get Custom Feedback:: 3 live, weekly calls (recorded if you can’t make it), supportive community pop-up Facebook group where you can give and receive feedback 

BONUSES for this first, live round

✔️A private, 30-min one-on-one coaching call with Lynne 

✔️Bonus:: the Pause & Pivot Worksheet will help you take your brand new shiny story and  move you forward

the What’s Your Story workshop 

21 writing prompts + 3 group coaching calls + 1 one-on-one coaching call + a supportive community & inspired feedback

($1,499 value)


Access to Expertise

3 weeks of 24/7 community feedback and expert coaching

($499 value)

Expert Guidance Focused Just on You

One-on-one coaching with a storytelling guru + group support



Total Value: $2,000

You Pay: $97 (special introductory offer!!)


Grab this opportunity to work with Lynne Golodner, a renowned storytelling expert, author of 8 books, and an entrepreneur who has worked for herself, on her own terms, since 1998. Lynne loves the power of words to make dreams come true - and she’ll devote her full attention to helping you make that happen. Draw from her decades of storytelling experience in marketing, public relations and journalism to gain clarity and move forward.

"I believe we are all here for a reason, that every person is put on the planet to make a difference. Until we discover what that purpose is, we flail and fight, try to find ways to make money to buy more stuff to make ourselves happy, but we’re not truly happy until we have a sense of meaning. “I was born to do … WHAT?” How will you leave your mark, build a legacy, impact others? Find your meaning … and that will lead you to purposeful work.”

“Once you know your meaning, you have to be able to explain it quickly, concisely, and compellingly to others. That’s your STORY. The story has to draw people in, connect them with your purpose, and inspire them to work with you. Whether you want more high-paying clients, a great new job that you love to do, or find satisfaction in other ways, your first step is your story. What is your story? How can you share your meaning with others? Your unique value? How do you communicate that in ways that excite other people and draw them in to your journey?”

“Cliches won’t win jobs or land clients. Heartfelt, meaning-rich stories WILL.”

Hear About the Transformations That Come from Working with Lynne...

"Lynne understands how to empower a creative mind to deliver their best work. Her capacity for empathy makes her more than just a coach or a director. She finds a way to allow you to tap your potential and to rely upon your best instincts as a PR professional and a writer. I feel much more confident in my abilities, and I feel like a better writer, after working with Lynne."
Mike D.
PR Professional
“Lynne Golodner has a creative eye that most do not. She has a brilliant way of bringing thoughts and philosophies out. You may just learn something about yourself if given the opportunity to let her work.”
Ed B.
Manufacturing Entrepreneur
“Lynne’s workshops develop resilience and creativity.  Lynne challenges me to go deeper - to think beyond the words to the roots of experience.  My writing is becoming stronger and more purposeful, and I have a renewed sense of confidence as I write my first book."
Alicia B.
“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend.  This was the finest writing/self-care combo I've done so far and I am truly grateful. I wouldn't suggest changing a thing... I felt freed up; there was a flow that truly excited me and inspired me to continue the writing.  You are a terrific teacher.”
Beth L.
“Lynne’s workshop helped me explore a part of my personality and interests that I hadn't yet allowed myself to dig into. I feel more connected to who I am as well as all the other wonderful people who participated. One of my favorite aspects of the workshop is being in a safe space, sharing my words with people of different backgrounds and perspectives. Thanks, Lynne!"
Julie R.
“Lynne Golodner inspired us to communicate more effectively. Learning to bring information in clear and meaningful ways even increased our awareness of main lesson curriculum delivery. We were inspired to renew our understanding of Waldorf education in order to communicate its value out to the greater world.”
Lower School Faculty
Sacramento Waldorf School
“Lynne is changing my life.  She knew I was hesitating about moving forward on my dream path of full-time writing, blogging, speaking and coaching.  I’d start, lose focus, then stop again.  Lynne is keeping me accountable to the vision she sees for me and her confidence in me is making a huge difference.
With her coaching, I got recognition in just weeks!  She keeps pushing me to apply my talents, live loudly, and be a beacon for others.   Her interpersonal skills and business success inspire me. She shares her secrets.
There are many courses that claim to make a difference but fall short.  Skip that.  Work with Lynne and you will get top-notch results quickly.”
Noreen E.
Writer, Speaker and Coach
“I have absolutely loved this, I found a voice I didn't know I had and it's allowed me to unload things that needed to come out. Digging back in today and catching up!”
Nicole B.
“Thank you for being so encouraging. I wish I could keep writing today instead of working!.”
Betsy C.
“Lynne makes it a priority to understand her clients and find unique ways to develop and optimize their marketing program. Lynne is great to work with and I continue to learn so much from her.”
Laurie F.
Senior Social and Content Strategist 

What’s Your Story 21-Day Workshop

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