Lynne Golodner

You know that person you were when you were little, before the pressures and stresses of having to earn a living or support a family? Back when you engaged in activities simply because they were fun and you were driven to do them?

For Lynne Golodner, that person loved writing.

In the early 1980s, Lynne carried around a corduroy-covered journal, writing stories, poems, and skits to record the details of her life experiences. When a neighbor’s son tragically died in middle school, Lynne created a newsletter to give his parents as a way to express sympathy for their loss.

Writing was her way of figuring out the world and capturing momentary beauty and stunning silence. Writing was how Lynne made sense of difficulties and how she shared beauty with those she loved.

Lynne spent 15 years as a journalist and then launched a company providing Marketing, Public Relations and Business Development support to entrepreneurs and organizations.  

She is the author of 8 books and hundreds of essays and articles, and she teaches writing to help people find their voice and gain confidence in their words. Lynne inspires others to find their voice, identify their purpose, and live according to the unique passion found within.

The mother of four, Lynne resides in Detroit with her husband, Dan, and continues to make sense of the world through writing.

Today, Lynne spends the bulk of her time writing and teaching writing and leading retreats. She facilitates The Writers Community, small cohorts of dedicated writers who support one another and receive support for their writing. She just finished a novel and is at work on a collection of essays and short stories.

I write inspiring stories about how women find meaning in the mundane and learn to love their lives.

Lynne writes stories about strong Jewish women that inspire people to love their lives. She writes about the power of everyday actions and rituals to fill life with meaning and find joy in the familiar.

Lynne launched the Make Meaning Podcast in 2018 to speak with interesting people about how they find meaning in work and purpose in life. Lynne focuses on interviewing authors, writers and people who work in publishing.

A former Fulbright Specialist, Lynne earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and English from University of Michigan and an MFA in Creative Writing (poetry) from Goddard College. Her master’s thesis was published as her first book, a collection of poems called Driving Off the Horizon. She has since had another poetry collection and six nonfiction books published along with hundreds of articles and essays.

Most recently, Lynne’s creative nonfiction essays have appeared in publications such as Porridge Magazine, the Jewish Literary Journal, the Good Life Review, Hadassah Magazine, The Forward, and others. 

Find Lynne at and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Lynne's segment begins at 16:40 in the audio clip below.

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