About the Make Meaning Movement

The Make Meaning movement invites us all to live more boldly, on purpose.

We believe that by leading with meaning, we can more easily, and with greater satisfaction, engage in creative problem-solving, share hard-won wisdom and inspire one another to greater heights of contribution, collaboration and personal connection.

The Make Meaning Movement officially launched with the Make Meaning Podcast in 2018, but its origins began more than two decades earlier, when Founder Lynne Golodner began writing about how people find meaning in the mundane.

An award-winning journalist, Fulbright Specialist, author and poet, Lynne was particularly fascinated by stories of how people bounce back from tragedy and discover life-affirming fascination and joy in unexpected places. She wrote about a mother gardening lavender as a way to recover from her daughter’s tragic death. She wrote about how the smooth strokes of sunrise-drenched rowers can be an invigorating way to begin a new day. She wrote about the rebirth of her beloved Detroit and how bread is a unifying element connecting all communities.

In 2007, Lynne brought her focus on meaning to entrepreneurs, nonprofits, educational institutions and small businesses with Your People LLC, a public relations, marketing, and business development firm that focuses on story, relationships, and higher purpose as the keys to building brands.

When her father was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2017, Lynne decided it was imperative to capture the meaning and legacy of not only her father’s life but as many lives as she could – so she started the Make Meaning podcast. The first episode was an interview with her father, Norman Cohn, airing on his 80th birthday, July 9, 2018.

Lynne Golodner

An expert in storytelling for business and personal growth, Lynne focuses the Make Meaning Movement on her  expertise, curiosity and passion, offering a podcast, consulting workshops and retreats that invite like-minded individuals and organizations to learn how to best prioritize strategic storytelling and mutually beneficial relationships, driven by higher purpose.