About the Make Meaning Podcast

The Make Meaning Podcast launched in 2018, to capture memorable stories that inspire great lives.

After her father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lynne Golodner created the podcast to capture his stories – and the stories of other inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders and creators.

For more than two decades, Lynne has been writing about how people find meaning in the mundane – first as a journalist and book author, and later as a marketing entrepreneur. When Lynne focused her own work on writing books and teaching writers, she pivoted the podcast to feature authors, writers and those in the world of publishing.

An award-winning journalist, former Fulbright Specialist, author and poet, Lynne is fascinated by stories of how people discover uplifting fascination and joy in ordinary places. She wrote about how the smooth strokes of sunrise-drenched rowers can be an invigorating way to begin a new day. She wrote about the rebirth of her beloved Detroit and how bread is a unifying element connecting all communities.

In 2007, Lynne brought her focus on meaning to entrepreneurs, nonprofits, schools and small businesses through Marketing and Public Relations work provided by her company, Your People LLC, a business development firm that focuses on story, relationships, and higher purpose as the keys to building reach. In 2022, Lynne refocused her company to work exclusively with authors and writers on building their brands and platforms.

When her father was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2017, Lynne decided it was imperative to capture the meaning and legacy of not only her father’s life but as many lives as she could, leading to the launch of the Make Meaning podcast. The first episode was an interview with her father, Norman Cohn, airing on his 80th birthday, July 9, 2018. The one-year anniversary episode also features Lynne’s father, who passed away on January 2, 2020.

Lynne Golodner

A storytelling expert and celebrated author and writing coach, Lynne focuses the Make Meaning Podcast on her curiosity and passion. She leads workshops and retreats for writers to learn how to hone their craft, get published, and build confidence in their voice.