Episode 44 – Kirstin Karoub, Lynne Golodner & Norman Cohn – Celebrating one year of the Make Meaning Podcast!

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We’re thrilled to announce a special milestone for Your People, LLC – the first anniversary of the Make Meaning Podcast! In this anniversary episode, our own Lynne Golodner and Kirstin Karoub highlight standout episodes from the past year – guests who have inspired us all with stories of purpose, meaningful connections, and passion-led endeavors that make a positive impact. 

But it doesn’t end there! The recording session coincides with a historically significant event – the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Lynne’s Best Business Advisor, father and very first Make Meaning guest, Norman Cohn shares insights on his childhood in war-time Detroit. Listen here:

And what of the stories from that day on June 6, 1944? How do we preserve them for another 75 years when the storytellers are disappearing – or when the stories are still too difficult to tell? Join us as we reflect on stories from the past to create a new vision for the future. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Episode highlights from the past year of Make Meaning
  • Ways of making meaning in your life and purpose in your work
  • Making meaningful connections through mentorship
  • The history of D-Day and life in Detroit
  • How stories from the past can impact the future

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Coming up next on the Make Meaning Podcast: Join Lynne on July 15th as she speaks with Dr. Joshua Mezrich, transplant surgeon and author of When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon. Dr. Mezrich talks about the moment he realized his purpose, the meaningful connections he makes with his patients, and the meaning made when the death of one patient can save the life of another.

We thank all of you for your listenership and support this year – here’s to the next year of Make Meaning!