Elizabeth Gowing — 118 — How to know a place by living its stories

Episode #118 – Elizabeth Gowing – How to Know a Place by Living its Stories

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Elizabeth Gowing’s life changed when she moved from London to Kosovo in 2006 for her partner’s job on what was supposed to be a six-month contract. Fifteen years later, Elizabeth speaks Albanian, teaches English and leads The Ideas Partnership, an NGO that offers support to people through education, health and social welfare as well as offering literacy classes, and arts and dance sessions.

Driven by a background in primary education and education policy, Elizabeth launched the nonprofit organization in 2009 to help children and families in the region. In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Elizabeth speaks with host Lynne Golodner about the events that inspired The Ideas Partnership, how she writes about “slices of life around the world,” and the importance of seizing the moment, all the time. Elizabeth offers ideas for listeners about how to use joy to make change in the world.

Breaking news! On December 14, 2021, Elizabeth announced that she was invited by Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti to be his Adviser for Community Affairs. We are so excited for her!

In this episode, Lynne and Elizabeth discuss:

  • How learning a language deepens connections
  • The importance of education for all children
  • How to tackle systemic problems by thinking big & staying small
  • Being authentic in your writing
  • The value of spontaneity
  • Storytelling as a way to better understanding

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